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Animal and Human Healing - South West

Animal communication (or animal whispering) is healing in its own right - veterinary professionals find it difficult to deal with emotional problems in animals.  By communicating with your animals and discovering the root cause of their distress I can help them to find a way to cope and build a better relationship with their human.  I work with many rescued animals and help to heal the painful memories.

With Reiki healing I act as a complimentary healer, supporting veterinary treatment.  For instance I have worked with animals who are undergoing treatment for cancer.  I was able to act as a voice for the animal, explaining how the treatment is making them feel, what foods they would be able to eat and also when they would like to call a halt to the treatment.  Reiki healing helps to speed the healing process, and animals really enjoy the energy of it.

Most of this website is about animal treatment, however I also work with human clients and give regular Reiki healing. 

Healing is charged at £50 per hour or £30 per 1/2 hour.  Sometimes it is appropriate to do a series of short bursts of healing, depending on the need.  The cost of this can be agreed at the time.