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I have been a healer and medium for over 20 years.  As a lifelong animal lover, the discovery that I could talk to animals and heal their emotional pain was a wonderful revelation.

Trained by James French, I am an ACT Practitioner with the Animal Communication Training organisation.  In order to gain this qualification I have been assessed by top professionals in the animal world for accuracy and effectiveness.  The assessments included casework with a vet, animal behaviourist, trainer and rescue professional.  Many of my referrals come via professionals.

I run regular animal communication courses, helping people to develop this skill for themselves.

I am also a Reiki Master and can give contact or distant healing.  Animal communication and Reiki combine very effectively.  I also use Bach Flower Remedies to compliment the healing.

I give talks about my experiences to interested groups.  The more people who know about animal communication, the better our link with the animal world will be.

As a medium I also give public demonstrations and one to one private readings.  I really value the opportunity to put people in touch with their loved ones, whether human or animal, who have passed to the spirit world.


Contact us on 01404 43522. We look forward to talking to you.