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Animal Communication

Animal Communication works well with most animals, whether face to face or remotely by the use of a photograph.  There is no sense of distance at all.  I am based in Devon, England, but I can work with anyone, anywhere in the world.  Often remote communication works better because both the therapist and the animal have to concentrate harder.

If you live within 1 hour's drive of Honiton, Devon, or there are a group of animals for me to see, I will be happy to come out to do a home visit.

If you want to book a remote communication, you will need to send me a photograph of the animal and a few details on the email address on the contact page.  I will then contact you to agree an appointment time.

Before the appointment I will spend a few minutes talking to your animal to ask them to give me sufficient details about themselves, that you are confident I have a clear link with them.  Once you are happy that the information sounds like your animal, we will agree to carry on with the communication.

The cost of the communication is £50 per session.  A session is normally an hour.  Some situations require more than one session to be resolved, however each session will be booked by agreement.  To change ingrained behaviour, sometimes 3 sessions are needed.

If you have any questions about the process, please give me a call and we can chat in more detail.

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